Genuine quote from one of our members: “I have just finished playing the lead in a short film and it has been a great success and learning experience. This project was actually the very first job I saw advertised on Smart Casting and it was my interest in this role that led me to sign up with you, so I'm extremely glad I did so. Thanks again Smart Casting!”
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Any new members joining Smart Casting as a paying member (monthly or yearly) in December 2017 will have the chance to win a FREE New Showreel Package from our amazing Showreel partner worth over £120.00.

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Working With Industry Professionals.

SmartCasting works closely in partnership with film makers, casting professionals and Drama and Film Schools.

Creating a Smart Community

Smart Casting are creating a Smart Community of actors, as we believe in supporting them in finding auditions and securing roles, thus ensuring Filmmakers and Production companies fulfil their commitments to you.

If you don't get paid or don't receive your scene for showreel purposes - please get in touch with us and we will follow this up on your behalf, to resolve it. We are the only casting-site offering this service.

Find Work The Easy Way!

As actors and producers ourselves, we know just how time-consuming and difficult it is to find good roles.

Smart Casting was developed by us to provide an intelligent, automated service to make this arduous process as painless and productive as possible.

Everyday, our team gathers the latest roles for film, television and theatre productions from a huge range of public and non-fee paying sites.

Once entered, Smart Casting‘s advanced searching algorithms match your skills against those roles and, if requested, automatically applies for them, on your behalf, by emailing your CV, head-shots and covering-letters to the relevant casting authorities.

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In addition, we provide, further, employment opportunities from jobs that are submitted, directly, onto our system by the casting directors, themselves.

We do not charge anything nor take commissions on any job submitted to our system. All our talent search functions are, also, completely free of charge.

And there's More...

We provide attractive, publicly addressable profile pages (almost mini-websites, in themselves) that allow casting directors to explore every aspect of your all-important, portfolio.

We also promote you through social media. Smart Casting is very tightly integrated with and automatically "Tweets" the latest job opportunities and profile updates, together with their associated head-shots, to the 7073320362.

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Signing with us is completely free and we only charge a subscription fee when you actively apply for jobs, or enable our auto-application facility.

All other aspects of our site, including the profiles and tweeting functionalities are - and always will be -
completely free of charge.

Our subscription is amongst the cheapest out there, at an astonishingly low-price of just £3 a month!
What’s more, you can cancel your subscription at any time via your dashboard.

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